Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staff Pick: "What Nora Knew" by Linda Yellin

What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin (2014)

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Molly Hallberg leads a double life. By day she high-steps with the Rockettes, poses nude for budding artists, and jumps out of airplanes as the features writer for an online magazine; by night she night she eats takeout and watches Nicholas Cage movies with her reliable, and reliably boring, boyfriend.
When she is assigned to write an article about love—Nora Ephron style, of course—Molly begins to realize that as a thirty-nine-year-old divorcee she's never quite experienced the emotion for herself. She takes on a series of adventures in search of the answer to one of life's most important questions: How do you know your partner is the one?
 In the midst of her search, Molly becomes intrigued by an author who's not only the talk of the literary world but also her exact opposite. With a bit of nudging from her closest friends and frenemies and a Nora Ephron movie or two, Molly may finally step out of her comfort zone and discover what the great Nora knew.

Praise for What Nora Knew and Linda Yellin:

  • “Nora Ephron’s influence is felt everywhere in this novel…hang on for a fun ride.”—Publishers Weekly
  • “As romantic and fun as When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle, Linda Yellin's hilarious, heartfelt novel is an urban fairy tale of sophisticated humor and touching charm.”—Amanda Robb, national magazine journalist

Also by Linda Yellin: The Last Blind Date (2011)

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