Friday, February 28, 2014

Digital Collection's 5 most common mobile device issues

Our digital library collection vendor’s Support Services team are committed to providing quality solutions to common support questions. This article focuses on mobile device issues (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone).
  • App Crashes and General Issues – The most commonly used solution for mobile devices is “What to do if a title is not properly loading or OverDrive’s mobile app is crashing.” This solution provides a few options for each type of mobile device to resolve general crash issues. Sometimes the problem stems from the app running in the background and forcing a shutdown fixes the problem, or rebooting the device sometimes may be all that’s needed. Either way, this solution should resolve most general problems that may occur with the OverDrive Media Console app for mobile devices.
  • EPUB Download Errors – Another of the most common issues is one where OMC indicates that an eBook is prematurely expired. This is usually noted with the message “E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED.” The cause of this is nearly always a date and time discrepancy between the device’s clock and Adobe’s servers. While allowing the device’s date and time to be set automatically works for most, setting it manually may be the best way to resolve this problem.
  • Stalled Downloads – The final issue I want to highlight is one where the cellular connection may not be working reliably enough to download titles. In such cases, we have solutions specific to iOS and Android – the platforms on which the issue occurs commonly – which address trying Wi-Fi instead of cellular connections.
As always, if the help articles linked above do not immediately resolve the issues, contact your Library for additional assistance. Please visit the help pages by clicking on Help (question mark) so that you can research the help articles for your issue or contact your library with specific questions.

Post written by Justin Noszek is a Support Services Specialist at OverDrive.

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