Monday, November 11, 2013

DVD & Blu-Ray checkout period changing

Did you know that your library has a large DVD/Blu-Ray collection? We have oldies & classics like The Caine Mutiny, Great Expectations, Les misearbles, Halloween or The Rock. We have blockbusters too like LincolnBatman: The Dark Knight returns pt 2, Cars 2 or Madea Gets a Job.
We have kid friendly titles such as Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing GameBabar and Goofy Movie too.
We even have television series like Law & Order, Midsomer Murders, Beauty and the Beast, Psych, Hill Street Blues just to name a few. Plus we now offer a streaming service that offers adventure, comedies, musicals, kid friendly titles and many other categories.
Pretty cool, right? Well guess what. We have a high demand for this great collection so to help with the high demand of DVDs and Blu-Rays and the long waiting time for patrons who place holds on these items, starting on December 2nd, all DVDs & Blu-Rays will have a checkout period of one week. 
Check out the collections below!!!

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