Saturday, October 5, 2013

Get Ready to Tailgate!

School is back in session and fall is at hand. Time to put on your team colors and flock to the nearest stadium for that beloved turf war we call Football! There will be faces painted; smack talked; and cheers screamed. But before everyone rushes to their stadium seating, there is one important ritual to complete before the game begins, and that’s Tailgating! Tailgating is an American original and though it now can include other sporting events, it is at football games that Tailgating works its most potent magic. Fans plan their tailgating parties well in advance of game night, and festivities begin with fans staking out prime parking spots, sometimes days before the game. As the term suggests, Tailgating started out as a pregame grilling party around the tailgate of someone’s truck, but now any vehicle will do and the food has gone way beyond just grilling. Some fans actually camp out in the stadium parking lot in RVs and camper trailers, making it possible to stay overnight in complete comfort. Though Tailgating started out as just a few people getting together to eat a good meal and socialize before the game, the act of Tailgating has grown into so much more. For some, Tailgating has become the social event of the year. Unlike being in the stadium where fans must focus on the game, Tailgating allows fans to mix and enjoy fellowship, community and great food. In fact, some fans love Tailgating so much, that they don’t actually go in to see the game, but stay for the joy of being with their friends. If you live for Tailgating season and want some new recipes to wow your friends, come to the library and checkout some of the wonderful party food cookbooks we have available. Here are just a few.
                                Geaux Pokes! Geaux Tigers!

The Southern Tailgating Cookbook: A Game-Day Guide for Lovers of Food, Football, and the South by Taylor Mathis (2013)
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“According to tailgating enthusiast Taylor Mathis, "You'll understand why a game day in the South is unlike any other" when you read this cookbook. Mathis traveled across twelve states to document the favorite foods and game-day traditions embraced by thousands of fans at colleges and universities throughout the football-crazy South. Featuring 110 vibrant recipes inspired by Mathis's tailgating tours, The Southern Tailgating Cookbook is chock-full of southern football culture, colorful photographs of irresistible dishes from simple to extravagant, and essential preparation instructions.
Recipes cover a full day of dishes, with meals for every taste. From Chicken-Sweet Potato Kabobs to Zesty Arugula and Kale Salad to Deep-Fried Cookie Dough, there is something for every fan. Mathis also serves up day-before checklists, advice on packing for a tailgate, food safety information, and much more. His entertaining rundowns on unique southern football traditions--from fans' game-day attire and hand signals to the music of the marching bands--are sure to lift both seasoned and novice tailgaters to greater heights of tailgate pleasure.” – Amazon

The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook: Great Food Legendary Teams Cherished Traditions by The Editors of Southern Living Magazine (2012)              Library Copies
“Included in this first-ever tailgating guide approved by the SEC: The inside track on throwing the best tailgate in the South, with tips for great grilling, make-ahead dishes, packing recipes for traveling, and how to make it special at home! Extra Points give plenty of options for using the recipes beyond game day for year-round celebrating. Recipes perfect for any kick-off time, including Scrambled Egg Muffin Sliders, Fried Chicken Bites, and Sweet-Hot Baby Back Ribs plus travel-ready beverages, sides, and desserts. Custom-created recipes for SEC team cupcakes, deviled eggs, spritzers, and menus for each of the 14 SEC football teams.” – Amazon

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