Monday, September 9, 2013

Staff in the Spotlight

Every month, the Bayou Book Bytes Blog will acknowledge an employee of Calcasieu Parish Public Libraries. The employee will be featured in the “Staff in the Spotlight” post. For the month of September, the Bayou Book Bytes Blog staff has selected Cornell Thomas (Branch Manager, Iowa Library) as our inaugural candidate. Mr. Thomas was asked a series of questions which ranged from his “favorite book” to a “library survival kit.”  A photo of Mr. Thomas is provided below; along with the questions and answers.

Cornell Thomas, Branch Manager (Iowa Library)

BB: How long have you been working for CPPL?
CT: I’m in-between my anniversary date (Nov) but back in 2012 I turned 30-years with CPPL.

BB: What is your favorite part of the job?
CT: Interacting with the patrons (both young and young-at-heart) and serving our community remains the greatest part of my career choice.

BB: What is your favorite book?
CT: Adult (personal reading): The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman; Juvenile (storytelling): Any of Frank Asch’s books.

BB: If, you were locked in the library overnight, what would be in your library survival kit?

CT: Pen/Pencil, Paper (so I could write,) my library card and a mobile device to go online/download pretty much anything else. I could make “Read. Learn. Connect.” part of my overnight survival experience.

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