Monday, August 5, 2013

Need help finding a job or need to create a resume? Where can you turn?

It's very scary when you have to find another job! Or maybe you've decided to try a new career. That means it's time to create a resume, right? Don't add to your anxiety with the stress of figuring out how to create a professional resume or polish an old resume. In 3 easy and quick steps, you can create a professional resume with Cypress Resume from your Library.

Okay so you have the resume builder, but you don't have a computer or laptop? Now what?
Did you know that your library has computers that you can use or that you can actually check out laptops? The laptops, housed at the Central Library (721-7116) & Sulphur Regional Library  (721-7141), are provided to Calcasieu Parish by the State Library of Louisiana as part of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program of the Department of Commerce. Included/installed software/programs are Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime Viewer, Shockwave, a Video Launcher, Flash Media Player and a CD Burner. These laptops are internet ready so you can take them to any hot spot to access the internet. That includes your local library. Here's more details.

Hey wait! So you need help finding a job? Your library can help with that too! Use JobView to find full-time or part-time jobs plus link to the company website to complete an online application. It's easy.

Plus check out the employment webpage for additional help.


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