Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Staff Pick: Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Tell the Wolves I’m Home
by Carol Rifka Brunt

This incredibly moving debut novel is set in the 1980s and centers on fourteen-year-old June Elbus, who has just lost her favorite person in the world, her uncle Finn. Finn was a celebrated painter and died of a shameful illness that can only be talked about in hushed whispers; to June he was the person who understood her best. 

After he dies, June finds out more and more about her uncle’s private life, including a life partner she knew nothing about. An unlikely friendship develops between June and this mysterious man, each finding in the other pieces of the man they both loved deeply.

The novel touches on themes of coming-of-age, love, loss, shame, and healing. Though events are taking place in the 1980s, the book feels topical with the current political climate focused on gay marriage and civil rights. This book was sweet and heartbreaking at the same time, and I cried more times than I can remember. Pick this up for an unforgettable read!

Reviewed by Jayme.

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