Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Staff Pick: A Once Crowded Sky

A Once Crowded Sky
By Tom King

Once the sky was bursting with superheroes and villains. Each day some plot to destroy the earth was foiled by one of the good guys. Sometimes a villain or a hero dies, but they always come back and the game continues. One day Penultimate, sidekick of Ultimate, decides to leave the game. There are enough superheroes around to keep on saving people. One person gone won't make that much of a difference. Then The Blue, a dangerous force of energy, threatens the planet. There is a way to stop The Blue, but it requires all the superheroes to give up their power and give it to one man, for it will take all their power to close the portal to The Blue. But when the world almost ends every other day, how are you to know that this time is for real?

Now all the villains are dead and the superheroes are powerless. Their power sacrificed, along with Ultimate, to close The Blue. All except Penultimate, Pen. Now each hero must wrestle with their place in the world and their reason for being. And Pen must live with the guilt of not showing up, even though there are always whispers saying "we always come back."

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book to every comic book fan, as the narration can sometimes be hard to follow and the action isn't as straightforward as a typical comic book story. However King does bring up some interesting points in his story that I think any comic book scholar will have a good time debating. Recommended to those who are interested in seeing what happens to superheroes when their reason for being is taken from them.

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