Monday, June 25, 2012

Staff Pick: King, Kaiser, Tsar

King, Kaiser, Tsar : Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World To War
By: Catrine Clay

For anyone interested in the psychological analysis of three rulers in World War I, King, Kaiser, Tsar:  Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World To War is a must-read.  Queen Elizabeth II released to the public letters and diaries containing information about George V of England, Wilhelm II of Germany, and Nicholas II of Russia.  The author used those resources to provide a chronological insight into the lives of the three world-changing cousins.  Unless the reader can't get enough of war strategy and such, the reader can flip through those few pages.  The remaining pages examine the family dynamics of the three royals which is sometimes mind-boggling.  The author presenting the reality of the cousins' lives adds another dimension to the causes of WWI.  The sixteen pages of photographs, the index of twenty-two pages, and the outline of the family tree are useful additions.

Reviewed by Mary.

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