Friday, June 22, 2012

Central Book Club: Roses

by Leila Meacham

A generational tale set in east Texas, Roses tells of the stubborn obsession with family land that plagues members of the Tolliver family and their loved ones. Upon young Mary Tolliver's father's death, she inherits Somerset, a large cotton plantation, instead of her mother and older brother. Unwilling to sell it to make amends to her mother and brother, she is determined to honor her father's wishes to bring the plantation out of debt. This is the first of many decisions in which Mary chooses the land over loved ones, to her great regret at the end of her life. When finally making her own will, Mary makes the decision to sell the plantation, now a very large business, and leave the proceeds and not the land to her heir, her great niece Rachel. Thus saving her from making the same mistakes she herself made.

Romance, affairs, war, depression, fraud, and familial struggles abound and are woven in such a way to keep the reader turning the page. Recommended to readers who liked Gone with the Wind, and tales set in the South.

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