Monday, May 21, 2012

Staff Pick: I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number
by Sophie Kinsella

Queen of chick lit Sophie Kinsella (penname of author Madeleine Wickham) returns with a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud romantic tale, I’ve Got Your Number.  Poppy Wyatt is engaged to be married to Magnus Tavish, her academic, oh-so-smart fiancĂ© in just a few days when disaster strikes—she misplaces the family heirloom engagement ring Magnus has given her. As if that isn’t bad enough, as she’s frantically searching for the ring, someone steals her cell phone. Poppy spots a cell phone in a trash can and commandeers it in her time of need, much to the chagrin of the phone’s true owner, Sam Roxton.

In a modern take on love letters, Poppy and Sam get to know each other through texts and emails.  Poppy helpfully meddles in Sam’s affairs when she thinks he isn’t responding to emails fast enough or with enough enthusiasm, while Sam tries to persuade her to relinquish the phone. Poppy is a delightful, endearing character and Kinsella’s use of witty footnotes adds humor to the already amusing story. I’ve Got Your Number is a fun, silly romp and the perfect summer read. 

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