Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Central Book Club: The Bells

The Bells
by Richard Harvell

Born to a deaf woman who spent her days in a belfry, Moses grew up hearing not his mother's voice, but the tones and vibrations of the great bells she loved to ring. This upbringing gives him a singular ear for sound that inspires his voice to reach great heights. This extraordinary talent is so valued by the choir master who discovers him that he does the unforgivable in order to preserve Moses' voice. In a letter written to his son,  Moses divulges all that he endured in his upbringing and unravels the riddle of how a musico could possibly have fathered a son.

Even though this book is read with the eyes, it is a treat for the ears. Moses hears the world in a way that is both supernatural and beautiful, which in turn causes the reader to pay more mind to the everyday sounds we are accustomed to ignoring. A tragic love story you will not wish to miss.

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