Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Staff Pick: Never Less Than A Lady

Never Less Than A Lady
By Mary Jo Putney

Lady Julia Raines had her reasons for living under an assumed name, Mrs. Bancroft, and acting as the village midwife. It had been years since she had run away, faked her death, and assumed a new identity--enough years that she was feeling quite safe in her village by the sea. Then three men knocked at her door and dragged her away to face the consequences of her past.

Major Alexander Randall was content with his solitary soldier’s life when he found himself in the sticky situation of becoming his much-despised uncle’s heir. On his way to begrudgingly accept his uncle’s mandate, Alex happens upon the lovely Julia in her desperate plight. After rescuing her from her attackers, Alex concludes that to truly protect Julia he must marry her.

Putney’s well-developed characters and use of humor keep this book entertaining and fresh. Alex and Julia must both deal with dark issues from their past and learn how to trust. The villains of the story, Julia’s first husband and Alex’s uncle, are more than just one-dimensional “evil” characters, and Alex himself is more than just an alpha male hero. The love story is sweet and tender and readers will find themselves cheering for Julia and Alex.

*This book is the second in the Lost Lords series, but a reader can enjoy it without having read the first. The first book is Loving a Lost Lord.

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