Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty Pots & Planters Tutorial

We recently did a "Pretty Pots & Planters" craft program at Central Library where we jazzed up plain terra cotta pots with paint and also decoupaged some with fun fabrics. This tutorial will show you how to add fabric to your pots for a splash of color in your home or garden.

For supplies you will need scissors, a foam brush, a terra cotta pot, Mod Podge, fabric, and a sealant of some sort. I used polyurethane, but I don't have any to show you. Oops! Seal the inside of your pot so that when you water your plant, the moisture won't seep through the clay and ruin your hard work. I used regular Mod Podge because my pot will be for an indoor plant. If you are thinking about using your pot outdoors, you may want to try Outdoor Mod Podge to extend the life of your pretty pot.

Let's get started! Using your pot as a guide, roll it along the length of your fabric to figure out how much you need. You need the fabric to wrap around the pot just once, and make sure to leave extra inches above and below the pot so you can cover the top and bottom completely.

I found it easier to begin adhering the fabric to the pot with the pot in the middle of the fabric, rather than starting at an edge of the fabric. Add a layer of Mod Podge on top of the fabric, smoothing it down to secure it. Work in sections, smoothing it down as you go. Your fingers will get sticky and messy with Mod Podge, so don't do this right after you've had a pretty manicure. I learned that the hard way! I peeled off my pretty fingernail polish along with dried Mod Podge. :(

Once you've worked your way to an edge of the fabric, smooth it down. Cut off any excess fabric from the other side of the fabric, leaving just enough to overlap the smoothed-down edge.

Once you're done covering your the "body" of your pot, snip off any excess fabric from the top. Leave about an inch of fabric.

Snip slits in the fabric, down to just above the collar of the pot. This will prevent the fabric from bunching up when you fold it down into the pot.

Use Mod Podge and glue your fabric down on the rim of the pot. It's ok if it's not uniform and straight--you will put a plant and soil in the pot and no one will know! It'll be our little secret.

Flip your pot over and trim any excess fabric. Mod Podge your fabric down, being sure to tuck it into the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot rather than sealing over it. You want your plant to have proper drainage and not drown! You can still see some Mod Podge on the bottom of my pot that hasn't dried. It will dry clear. Eventually. And ta da! Look at our pretty pots, one big and one small. Also one has a chip in it. But never mind about that. Please leave any questions in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them. Happy crafting, everybody!

*This tutorial was adapted from one found here:


  1. The fabric choice is perfect!!

  2. This is wonderful! Instructions & pictures make it easy for me to try this at home. Thanks!

  3. Those pots got all prettied up! OK, did you Mod Podge any of the pot FIRST, then put the fabric on? I would like to try this--thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Thomasina! I tried using the Mod Podge on top and underneath the fabric as well as just on top of the fabric. I found that using Mod Podge on top and underneath made the pot streaky, especially with a lighter colored fabric. Hope this helps! :)