Friday, March 2, 2012

Staff Pick: A Perfect Blood

A Perfect Blood
By Kim Harrison

Someone has been kidnapping witches and performing experiments on them that cause an excruciating death. Still trying to get her life in order with her new status as a demon, Rachel Morgan and the gang at Vampiric Charms are tapped to help solve these crimes before more witches go missing and turn up dead. Unfortunately, Rachel's demon blood is the one thing that can help the culprits in their quest to exterminate all inderlander species, and the enemy has infiltrated the higher levels of many government organizations. Rachel must face her fears about using her powers before she is captured in her weakened state.

A Perfect Blood is Harrison's tenth novel in the Hollows series. And unlike many author who I find lose steam around book eight or book nine, Harrison's writing and plot show no signs of fatigue. Paranormal fantasy fans will enjoy the broad array of creatures featured in this series, a catalog that includes: pixies, faeries, elves, demons, vampires (living and undead), witches, gargoyles, and weres. The series is set in an alternate present day Cincinnati where the human population of the world has been reduced to less than half of it's size thanks to a pandemic caused by a genetically engineered tomato. That was over forty years ago, and now humans and inderlanders (anyone not human) live side by side in an imperfect and precarious harmony. I cannot state often enough how much I enjoy reading this series and I'm always a little sad when I finish one knowing that the next will take a year to arrive. Recommended to every paranormal fantasy fan.

Reviewed by Samantha.

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