Thursday, March 22, 2012

Staff Pick: The Invisible Ones

The Invisible Ones
By Stef Penney

The Invisible Ones opens up with Ray Lovell, a half-Gypsy private investigator, in a hospital room with his right arm paralyzed and no memory of what happened or how he got there. Hired by Leon Wood to find his missing daughter, Rose Janko, Ray had been questioning those closest to her. Clearly whoever he was investigating thought he was getting a little too close to the truth and tried to silence him, but the problem is remembering who exactly he was investigating.

As the novel progresses, Ray's story intertwines with young JJ Smith's, a 14-year-old Gypsy boy who, unlike Ray, still lives with his family the traditional Traveler way, on the road. JJ's family has had their share of bad times, so many that it's thought the family has prikaza, bad luck. Topping off all the tragedies is the mysterious disappearance of Rose Janko, JJ's uncle's wife with the dark birthmark on her throat. Did she really run off with a gorjio, a white man, as the family claims or has something more sinister happened to her?

Shards of memory begin to pierce through the haze, and Ray begins to piece together what he was working on before his "accident." Old secrets come to light, each more twisted than the last. Can he put the puzzle together before tragedy strikes again?

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