Thursday, February 16, 2012

All About Bows!

Hi everyone! We had a program here at Central Library on Valentine's Day called "All About Bows!" We learned how to make hair bows, gift bows, and a wreath bow. For those of you who weren't able to make the program, I'm going to do a quick tutorial on how to make a gift bow or "Christmas" bow.

You will need:
acetate ribbon
double sided tape
a bow maker (Clover brand is one type you can get)

You need about 3 and a half yards of acetate ribbon. We used a ribbon that was three-quarters of an inch thick. If your bow maker doesn't come with numbers, you might want to add them. Here's a close-up of the one I used:

Take your ribbon and pass it through the center of your bow maker, shiny side down. Tape it down between the 8 and 3.

Wrap your ribbon around the #2 point, coming from behind and to the left first.

Pulling the ribbon tightly, flip your bow maker and wrap around the #3 point.

Continue in numeric order until all your points have been covered.

After you've wrapped all the points once, start over again at the beginning and wrap until you've gone around a total of 4 times. You will be left with a little tail of ribbon--this will become the center of your bow later!

Put a small square of cardstock on the bottom of your bow. You can add some adhesive so that the bow will stick to your gift. Go ahead and use the double-sided tape if you are going to use your bow immediately.

Staple through the center of your bow, through the hole in your bow maker.

Your bow should look something like this after you staple it.

Remove the tape you used to hold the ribbon to the bow maker and start slipping the bow carefully off the bow maker.

You're left with something that looks like this.

Start fluffing out the layers of your bow.

After you've fluffed all your layers out, your bow will look like this. Go ahead and snip the tail off of your bow.

Roll the tail of the bow into a loop and tape it with the double-sided tape. Place it in the center of your bow.

Ta da! You have now made a beautiful bow! Pat yourself on the back.

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