Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crafts @ your library: Christmas Trees

Hi everyone! We recently did a Christmas craft program at Central library and here is a tutorial on one of the Christmas trees we displayed. It's easy and you can use any colors that match your decor!

Supplies you need:
10 inch Styrofoam cone
2 inch circle punch
Craft knife or pencil to curl your circles

The only thing you need that isn't pictured is the Styrofoam cone, which you can purchase at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Let's get started!

Step one: Cut out a bunch of circles with your circle punch. I ended up using 3 or 4 12x12 cardstock pages--I'm sorry I can't remember exactly! I used 3 different patterns in the same color scheme, but you could do a solid tree and it would look pretty as well.

Step two: Remove your blade from your craft knife.

Step three: Curl your circles around your craft knife.

They should end up looking something like this!

Step four: Add a touch of hot glue to the edge of your circle and attach it to your cone at the bottom. Make a complete ring around the cone and then begin a layer of circles just above.

Step five: Once you reach the top, make a cone out of two circles to complete the top of your tree.

Step six: Enjoy your beautiful decoration! Happy Holidays!

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