Monday, August 8, 2011

New DRM-free Format in the Digital Collection!

Great news: the CPPL's Digital Collection now features select eBooks with no DRM! To take advantage of the new format, look for titles available in “Open EPUB” and “Open PDF” ebook formats. Check for the icons with the open green padlock, as seen in the image to the right.

These open/DRM-free eBooks are worth checking out for the additional liberties they offer, most notably the ability to bypass Adobe Digital Editions when transferring the files to your device -- which also means you can save these check outs directly to most popular eReaders. For additional information on this, please click “Read More”.

Option 1:
  • Connect your device to your computer via your USB cable
  • When picking a location for saving your downloaded check out, navigate to the proper folder on your eReader
  • Unplug your device, find the file, and open it to read

    Option 2: (Applicable only to devices with wi-fi/3G)
  • Make sure your eReader is connected to the internet
  • In your device’s browser, go to the library’s digital collection website
  • Go through the check out process as normal; the file will download directly to the device for you to read

    Option 3:
    You can perform either Option 1 or 2 at your local branch, using a public PC or our free wi-fi!

  • Not all titles are available as open eBooks, so you'll still need to transfer those to eReaders via Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Only one user can check out these titles at a time.
  • The titles cannot be returned early.

    Still a bit confused by downloading from our digital collection? Be sure to check in with your local branch or comment on this post with questions!
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