Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adult Reading Program 2011: Novel Destinations!

Our adult reading program for Summer 2011 has begun! The theme this year is “Novel Destinations.”

Need to register? Go here. Be sure to log and review all your books by July 15 to get some great prizes!

Not sure which books to read? Check out our Books & Authors resource for titles suited to your interests. Also, browse through some of our past posts for great reads we’ve already highlighted.

Happy Reading!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blow Me Down!: Learn ter Speak Pirate

Mango Languages is offering a free course, from now until June 30th, in Pirate-speak for ye landlubbers out there wishing to speak like a gentleman o’ fortune.

Remember: you can sign up for a Mango Languages account anytime here. (Just don’t forget your library carrrd!)

In the mood for more pirates, corsairs, and buccaneers? Below are a couple titles worth checking out.

The Pirates Laffite: The Treacherous World of the Corsairs of the Gulf
By: William C. Davis
ISBN: 015100403X

Find it at your library!

Flying the Black Flag: A Brief History of Piracy
By: Alfred S. Bradford
ISBN: 9780275977818

Find it at your library!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Car Maintenance at Your Library

May is National Good Car Keeping Month. For tips and tricks to keep your car in shape, look no further than your library!

One of the many wonderful databases provided by the State Library is the Auto Repair Reference Center. This handy tool allows users to find repair procedures for specific makes and models. It also has plenty of information on general car care.

For those seeking knowledge from print sources, be sure to check out the following books on car maintenance:

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual
ISBN: 9781588167231
Find it at your library!

Dare to Repair Your Car: A Do-it-herself Guide to Maintenance, Safety, Minor Fix-its, and Talking Shop
By Julie Sussman
ISBN: 0060577002
Find it at your library!

Lucille's Car Care: Everything You Need to Know from Under the Hood--by America's Most Trusted Mechanic
By Lucille Treganowan
ISBN: 0786862017
Find it at your library!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moss Bluff Book Chat: May 3, 2011

Below is a summary of our discussion on the April “Book of the Month:” Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

Shanghai Girls is a historical fiction novel that follows two Chinese sisters, Pearl and May, from 1930s China to 1950s America. The sisters must survive ordeal after ordeal: from life-threatening times of war to fighting against racism.

Readers thought the novel was valuable for the aspects of history it depicted. The life of Chinese-Americans through the 1950s is not often examined as thoroughly as See does. Shanghai Girls gives readers a personal look inside the troubles of the time, making them more accessible.

The group also found the book interesting and well-written, though somewhat long at times. See’s strength is her ability to paint vivid and complex characters that keep the audience invested in the story. They are all looking forward to the sequel Dreams of Joy, to be released later this month.

If you’ve already read Shanghai Girls, feel free to share your thoughts on the novel in the comments. Agree or disagree with the Book Club? Let us know!

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