Monday, April 11, 2011

Moss Bluff Book Chat: April 5, 2011

Our March "Book of the Month" was If the Devil Had a Wife.

Though credited to Frank Mills, If the Devil Had a Wife is the work of Rebecca Stark Nugent. (Frank Mills was her father’s name before he was adopted.) The book covers the little-known scandals of local bigwigs the Stark family. The book centers on questionable activities by Lutcher Stark and his third wife Nelda.

The book’s strength is its elicitation of interesting discussions. The topics our group discussed range from basic ethics to the legal system and always back to family. A shared, and often-repeated, sentiment of the group was how unfathomable some of the actions taken by figures in the book were.

If the Devil Had a Wife will whet the appetite of both readers seeking tidbits of juicy local history and those interested in a rundown of the history of the town of Orange and the Stark Foundation.

Have you read If the Devil Had a Wife? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The "Book of the Month" for April will be Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. We'll discuss it on May 3, 2011. Contact the Moss Bluff Branch for more info.

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