Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moss Bluff Book Chat: January 4, 2011

Book Chat is a weekly meeting at the Moss Bluff Library that allows people to get together and discuss what they are currently reading, as well as get ideas on what to read next.

We have also begun a “Book of the Month,” which will be handed out for all members to discuss on a specific date. Our first book is The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, which we handed out on January 4th and will discuss on February 1st. Copies are still available for those wishing to participate.

Below are a few books readers discussed at the January 4th meeting.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Kathryn Stockett’s impressive (and popular) debut novel The Help begins in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi when Skeeter, a recent graduate of Ole Miss, decides to write about the town’s segregation. Skeeter focuses on the lives of two African-American women: Aibileen and Minny. The Help contains characters so vivid, readers have found it impossible not to become emotionally involved in their stories. Stockett also skillfully tackles issues of race. These factors, in addition to an impeccable blend of comedy and drama, make The Help a truly captivating read.

Find it at your library!

It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump by John O’Hurley

It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump: And Other Life Lessons I Learned from Dogs is a collection of anecdotal musings from actor John O’Hurley, who also hosts the National Dog Show. With an unchanging light-hearted tone, the book is a humorous and enjoyable read for all dog lovers.

Find it at your library!

Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

In Life as We Knew It, Miranda, 16, and her family must survive after a series of natural disasters wipe out populations around the world due to a meteor's crashing into the moon and throwing off its gravitational pull. The book presents a realistic depiction of a possible world marred with destruction -- making it an intense read at times. Life as We Knew It is the first in the Young Adult series known as “The Moon Books,” which further portray Pfeffer’s post-apocalyptic world.

Find it at your library!

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