Monday, December 20, 2010

Moss Bluff Book Chat: Dec. 14, 2010

Book Chat is a weekly meeting at the Moss Bluff Library that allows people to get together and discuss what they are currently reading, as well as get ideas on what to read next. Below are a few books readers discussed at the December 14th meeting.

Louisiana Women: Their Lives and Times – edited by Janet Allured

Louisiana Women collects seventeen biographical essays, which spotlight important women in the state’s history. While the book features pieces on famous figures such as author Kate Chopin and Voodoo figure Marie Leveau, its highlights may be found in lesser-known stories. Readers of Louisiana Women vocalized their fascination with the section on the Baroness de Pontalba, a wealthy businesswoman, whose spirited personality and resilience helped her survive various ordeals, including a gunshot wound. The book can be challenging to tread through at times but is ultimately an interesting read worth the effort.

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Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Safe Haven is the latest novel by popular author Nicholas Sparks. The story follows Katie, a new member to the small community in Southport, North Carolina. Holding on to dark secrets from her past, Katie initially hesitates to form relationships with those around her. While the novel tends to contain more violence than Sparks’ usual works, the author’s fans should still find it as enjoyable as his past books.

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Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill

Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft is the first in an ongoing series of graphic novels from author Joe Hill. The series centers on the Locke family, who have just moved into Keyhouse after their father was murdered. The aptly-named mansion is home to magic keys and doors, in addition to a mysterious and vengeful spirit. Hill, son of Stephen King, pens a promising fantasy/horror tale which is only intensified by Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork. Locke & Key is a quick read that will leave readers eager to seek the second installment.

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