Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Book Byte: The Christmas List

The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans
ISBN 9781439150009

James Kier is a very powerful and wealthy real estate mogul. He has done everything possible to get to this status and has no qualms about the unscrupulous things he's done to get there or who he's crushed along the way to his rise to glory.

He's exactly where he wants to be in life - he has a young girlfriend, his business is doing well, he's in the last stages of divorcing his wife - so what if he had her served with the divorce papers on her first day of chemo... or that his son won't talk to him and basically hates him. More or less life is good - until he wakes up one morning and he finds that he is dead.

Well, that's what the paper says. Now Kier's first reaction is to sue the paper but he quickly decides to use his "death" to his advantage. As people he's known throughout his life talk about what a terrible person he was and how glad they are that he is dead, he begins to realize that his "perfect" life is not so wonderful after all. He makes a pact to try to change and embarks on a journey to apologize to the ones he's wronged - but he quickly realizes that's easier said than done.

The list in the title isn’t a conventional reminder for gifts; it’s a roster of the people whom protagonist James Kier has most wronged. Unabashedly heartfelt and sentimental, The Christmas List has all the best elements of a redemptive Yuletide tale.

This is an original twist on a timeless story - it is about love, loss, forgiveness, family, but mostly it is inspiring. A wonderful Christmas read.

Reviewed by Marilyn
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