Friday, October 9, 2009

Upcoming Book Talk

Join us as McNeese professor Dr. Gay Gomez presents us with an illustrated book talk of her recent work, The Louisiana Coast: Guide to an American Wetland. Dr. Gomez will also be available for a book signing.

The book talk will take place on Thursday, October 29, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM in the upstairs Central meeting room.

Join us to find out why our Louisiana coast is "worth seeing, worth saving, worth celebrating."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Genre Spotlight: Ghost Stories

Louisiana Haunted Forts - Elaine Coleman

Filled with historical adventures and intriguing tales of suprnatural happenings, Louisiana Haunted Forts relates eerie stories of soldiers who still patrol the ruins of fortifications they built, defended, and died for, and others whose lives ended tragically. Based on eyewitness accounts and sightings by residents, visitors, and passersby, these unsettling narratives tell of spirits lingering and appearing near the sites of their deaths. (From jacket.)

Louisiana's Haunted Plantations - Jill Pascoe

In this collection of thirteen chilling tales you will explore the ghosts along the River Road at some of Louisiana’s best known plantations, and also along the back bayous of the state. You will encounter the ghosts of the most haunted house in America, meet ladies in white and black who refuse to leave, learn of spectral children who continue to play, Civil War soldiers trapped where they died, pirates guarding buried treasure and even the ghosts of homes that met a fiery end. These true tales will delight and frighten you during your unique journey through the bayou state. (From product description.)

Phantom Army of the Civil War and other Southern Ghost Stories
Compiles thirty-five tales of first-hand encounters with specters and phantoms, of ghost-ridden swamps and the eerie mansions that populate the haunted South. The stories are alphabetically organized by the state in which they occurred, and cover a span of more than forty years. (From product description.)

Texas Ghost Stories
Some humorous, some haunting, and some just late-night terrifying, these stories, gathered by two favorite Texas tellers, span a rich cultural heritage from the earliest Spanish explorers to the present, from La Llorona (the Weeping Woman) to the vanishing hitchhiker. (From product description.)

Boogers and Boodaddies - John F. Blair Publishing

Over its fifty-year existence, John F. Blair, Publisher, has become known for its Southern folklore -- its tales of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, spirits, witches, devils, phantoms, haints, boogers, boo-daddies, plat-eyes, demons, apparitions, Doppelgangers, banshees, disappearing hitchhikers, pirate legends, ghost dogs, dog ghosts, dogs who see ghosts... In recognition of its golden anniversary, the company offers this volume of twenty stories culled from its folklore collections.

The Haunting of the Presidents - Joel Martin
What were the chilling revelations of the seances conducted by Mary Todd Lincoln, Martha Washington, and Eleanor Roosevelt? What secrets did John F. Kennedy reveal after his death? Why was Hillary Clinton compelled to channel the spirits of past First Ladies? Which presidents admitted in private to having UFO encounters? What's the source of the strange light emanating from the Rose Room? Who-or-what is playing the haunted strains of phantom music in the private halls of the White House? The answers to these and even more tantalizing questions can be found in this unique history of the never-before-revealed phenomenon of the White House. And this isn't hearsay. It's based on declassified, substantiated records dating back to George Washington through the Clinton Administration. (From product description.)