Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Information

For those of you who want information from credible sources on the emerging swine flu situation, follow the links on the image below.

The April 28th edition of The Lake Charles American Press listed this information for those who are considering going to an emergency room for suspicion of swine flu.

Patients who may have swine flu symptoms will be subject to the following procedures should they decide to go to local hospitals, according to emergency room personnel from each:

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital — Call before going to the emergency room or walk-in clinic. Patients will speak to a physician, who will determine where they should go to be fully evaluated. Patients entering the emergency room or a clinic will be asked to wear a mask.

Jennings American Legion Hospital — An admissions clerk will route those with flu symptoms to a separate waiting area. From there, a doctor will see the patients.

West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital — Patients will be examined by a nurse, who will determine if they need to wear a mask until fully evaluated. Those with flu symptoms will have to keep their masks on.

Christus St. Patrick Hospital — Patients should tell the intake clerk if they may be suffering from flu symptoms. Patients will be asked to wear masks until they are evaluated.

Women & Children’s Hospital — The intake clerk has a set of questions to determine if patients have to wear a mask. If they do, the masks must stay on until the patients are seen by a doctor.

From page A3, April 28,2009

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